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A collection of gifts that make an impact. Each creation has a story, discover it.

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An authentic handcrafted Phoenician art jewelry. Following the traces of a great ancient civilization.

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Truly Rare

True rarity is an expression of the individual and in craft, it is deeply connected to the stories behind the creators: think original, special, valuable and unique. In our collection, carefully sourced and beautiful jewelry creations, collectibles and silk scarves evoke this exceptional quality of rarity and unique form. If you appreciate refined designs, exceptional jewelry, the stories behind art, fair trade, and the great depth and diversity of ancient cultures and civilizations you have come to the right place. We have carefully searched along the ancient Silk Road to provide you with an exclusive collection of artistic creations.

What They're Saying

Whispered Secrets Earrings

These earrings are what they call Fair Trade Product and I don’t know what that means. Nonetheless, all I can say is that it is safe to use, has been handcrafted and the silver plated brass jewelry adds to its charm. What more can I say about this is that it is a great pair to be worn during the mornings and evenings. Last time, I wore for an auction and I heard everyone either whispering about it or asking me about its whereabouts. I was ecstatic that some...

Silk Scarf

I was not sure, if I was doing the right thing by placing an order online for this silk scarf. Something told me that I should go ahead, but had my doubts that soon were proven wrong. This scarf is 100% pure silk and does not need you to be a connoisseur to understand that. I love using it during the evenings because they are cooler than the days in my place of residency. I simply love this scarf. Plus you know this, you get free international delivery from this merchant! Oh and the returns are free as well. Love Raressimo. Salma G. KSA

Arabic Calligraphy Bracelet

Okay, this refers to my favorite from Fayruz songs ANA LA HABIBI so I had to like buy it. The red color bracelet is adjustable and the sterling silver is always a good choice. This is a handmade item that needs no mention at all. It is made and certified by Khalil El Khoury FCGmA Certified Gemologist & Jewelry Designer, that makes it a safe product as well. Yes, I did look into all this before I set out to buy it. ...


I wanted to gift my old man something unique and had been ransacking all the stores in my way. Only to be disappointed, then a friend asked me to try one last thing. I am glad that I did and not to mention pops was happy too. The Arabic Calligraphy Cufflinks look neat and you can tell that it has been handmade with care. Ahlam A. Egypt

Phoenician Collection Necklace

Phoenician Collection

For one thing I thank Raressimo that of providing us with such rare jewelry. They have contemporary jewelry with traditional designs. This makes their collections outstanding and the Phoenician Collection is no different to this. I chose the Two Kings Necklace and it is something totally different. I am glad to have found them and will be ordering more in future for sure. Farah H. Abu Dhabi

Hand of Fatima Pearl Bracelet

This Hamza bracelet, this fresh water pearl bracelet is the one for me. I like pearl and wanted something simple. It is a protection against evil eye and the Hand of Fatima is a blessing. What more could I ask for? I love, love this bracelet. Sara B.