The Sack of a Phoenician City Print Square Silk Scarf for Women


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The Sack of a Phoenician City Print Square Silk Scarf for Women


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The Art of Scarf

Inspired by an illustration from a wall relief from Sennacherib’s palace (705-681 B.C) depicting the sack of a Phoenician city. The Old Testament refers to the expertise of a Phoenician craftsman engaged on work connected with Solomon building projects. Following the agreement between King Solomon and Hiram, king of Tyre, the Phoenicians provided the raw materials and the specialized labor for building the royal palace and the temple of Jerusalem. Materials and skilled workmen were imported from Phoenicians cities in the region of Lebanon.

  • Material: Natural Silk Twill
  • Color: Dominance Beige
  • Type: Square Silk Scarf
  • Design: Phoenician City
  • Versatile: Perfect for Head, Neck or Waist
  • Edges: High Quality Hand Rolled Hemming
  • Measures: 90 X 90 cm
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only. Read “Care and Storage” Card Carefully
  • Packaging: Your purchase is delivered in a gift box

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Behind The Art

Jan Olive - Textile & Surface Designer image
Jan Olive is a Textile & Surface Designer based in the UK.  After many years working as an artist she attended Plymouth University studying Interior Textiles and Surface Design, graduating with a First Class honours degree in 2016.
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